Katherine Greiner

Katherine's fitness and wellness story began at an early age as she witnessed close friends and family struggle with illnesses and addictions. Her own injuries and physical ailments made her determined to take control of her body by learning how to keep it healthy and fit. Not only did this begin her journey toward achieving physical health, and ultimately nutritional and spiritual health, but it set the foundation for her mission to help others heal themselves and enrich their own lives.

While being hailed as a "dance cardio diva" by Well and Good and featured in the New York Times for her dance cardio prowess, Katherine's knowledge and expertise extend far beyond the dance fitness floor. As a NASM certified trainer, she also holds certifications in Pilates, TRX, Nutrition, SPX fitness, Zumba, and pre/post natal fitness and nutrition. Prior to joining forces with The Movement to create the signature MOVE class, Katherine has taught classes and trained privately at Tracy Anderson Method, SLT, Barry's Boot Camp, and the Bari Studio.